Wednesday, November 24, 2010

hati ibu

bagaimanalah nak ditafsifkan hati seorang ibu bila anaknya tidak tahu apa yang perlu di katakan kepada seorang anak yang daya ingatannya tidak lebih dari 3 saat

pesanannya ibunya tidak di ingat

dan selalu lah ibunya dikecewakan kerana sifat anak yang tidak dapat mengingatkan segala pesanannya

jika berjanji kepada ibunya dia sendiri yang lupa

kalau di marahi bagai menyalak di bukit kerana apalah gunanya kerana bukan dengan sengaja dia lupa

kalau dia sendiri jarang sekali dapat mengingati apa yang perlu dia sendiri lakukan

letak beg di sini di sana di carinya letak tali leher satu rumah dipunggahnya

sudah kehendak tuhan

sudah tentu ada jalan namun belum diketemukan

dan hati seorang ibu masih lagi mengharapkan kemustahilan menjadi jawaban.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Media Law

what about it what should we look into this paper. referring to the contents of what need to be achieved will need to -

1. Understand the overall concepts of the media and law in the country
2. Able to address the importance of regulation and ethics in the society
3. To provide an overview of major approaches to the study of media and law, specifically from within the communication field and looking to 2 years of past years questions and that is 4 papers, not many is being repeated, and it mean that we need to understand the entire subjek on what is what of and what not of media law...and again it meant a lot of reading..

I have left this blog for a full semester

because there is not neccessary to me but this coming semester i need a place i can always refer my reading and there are too wide to be compared in my harddisk so this coming semester will be on

this coming semester
PR Marketing
Media Law
PR in Special Topic
PR Financial
Interpersonal communication
New Media

and starts with anything about Media Law

previous semester

public opinion
advanced script writing
arab language part 3
media research
procedures of translation

Saturday, January 9, 2010

it has begun

international public relations
events management
economy and
Arabic languages

todate..i have bought books for management and IPR only...need to spend on events management and economy...

why on earth it is difficult to get the books in the bookstore...but they suggested it to us..



Wednesday, January 6, 2010

This semester Dec - Apr 2010

I have decided to end my studies in 2011. In making it happening, i need to take 5 paper per semester, with 4 semester left for me to achieve that, hardworking is beyond question.

I prayed to GOD Allah Almighty to honor me with good health and sanity for the rest of 24 months.

May God Bless Us All.