Friday, July 10, 2009

Corporate Public Relations

Corporate public relations objectives are

- supports the profit-making capabilities of the firm
- creating a good business environment so that the company will continue to be able to operate
- exhibit the company is socially responsible and not purely profit motivated
- responsible towards the society and concern
- cooperative and support social issues eg environmental protection and consumerism

brief idea on public relations objectives...see you later

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What do I understand about Persuasion

Persuasion is an attempt to persuade others, to convince, to change their beliefs and decision and to top all is for the other party to take actions after the persuasion.

Definitely there will be the good persuasion and the dark side of the action.

Friends persuade you to change your decision on where you should have lunch on that day and that is a mild persuasion, nobody get hurt but a full stomach.

Friends persuade you to take drugs and that is something for you to consider, but to justify the persuasion it is done openly, except you are taken in with your stupid ego.

And all on the above is still a mild example.

How about a Public Relations practitioner persuade you to change your beliefs on your political candidate and the candidate is the wrong one...what will happen..not so harmful you have another five years to topple him down but then for 5 many damages and harm can come upon you and your country ?

That is the mild introduction on persuasion..

Monday, July 6, 2009

Ethnic Relations

Walawey, perfect time, 1 malaysian and ethnic relations, it clicks dearie. One voice one culture one dream. You gotta be kidding, there is no such thing that we can asimilate culture, not now not ever. We can respect each other culture but to live in each other culture that is way too much.

Culture and religion are related to each other. We cannot hope much in making 1 malaysian to be accepted by everybody. The idea is good the implementation need a clear understanding in all aspects.

I hope to unite us together is to make sure the education and the distributing of wealth will be closer to each race and stand at the same height and trust and at least we try to make it work

PR Government

Slowly i turn the page one by one, the lecturer has downloaded the notes in our iclass (website where all the subjects that we are taking will be discussed online and in the seminar).

Well it is not that what I am afraid off so far, they are discussing what is going on in the government, well this the best way for us to find out, to learn and to understand what actually is written and most probably 95% being practised in the real life.

Well there is a lot more for me to chew and swallow but for today chapter 1 , the introduction has able to catch my liking in this subject.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

My summary of the last term papers

Psychology - definitely, you must read the whole book, then read more from other books, and please remember understand and memorize if possible all the important research, i guarantee you most of the famous findings - pavlov, skinner, operant conditioning are going to be applied in other papers well it help my marketing plus my writing if i am killing 3 birds with one oh my..

in other help you will understand csi better plus you will know what to do once you see a borderline friend (run as fast as you could)...welll it does not help you nor her if you stay A minus for this paper

PR Writing - how i enjoyed this paper ...i wrote and wrote and detox in all the paper..well now I do understand what kind of human I am..a pathetic self blamed person..omg..Love A for this paper

Marketing - another reading understand and common sense paper ...make sure you remember all the terms if not you will be staring at Part A of the paper...but I love my lecturer on this paper and it makes the subject interesting and the way she guided us the whole semester via conferences (ym) give a booze to our spirit as a epjj students...will always love her...ang got A minus for this paper too

BEL 482 - well this paper - and the people in it I will remember and will make sure it will not happen in future. I love Puan Noraini and that it..and that is all I want to remember about this paper....Luckily I got A too.

that it..well followers...if you want to have more information on the rest of the paper..well I have stop uploading the information.

The current semester will be for

Corporate PR, Government PR, Persuasive Communication, Ethnic Relations and Arabic Language...see you all soon on these papers.

My oh My

Semester 3 results...hurmmm - overwhelming..I hope and prayed it will be the same for the rest of semesters...hurmm...