Sunday, July 5, 2009

My summary of the last term papers

Psychology - definitely, you must read the whole book, then read more from other books, and please remember understand and memorize if possible all the important research, i guarantee you most of the famous findings - pavlov, skinner, operant conditioning are going to be applied in other papers well it help my marketing plus my writing if i am killing 3 birds with one oh my..

in other help you will understand csi better plus you will know what to do once you see a borderline friend (run as fast as you could)...welll it does not help you nor her if you stay A minus for this paper

PR Writing - how i enjoyed this paper ...i wrote and wrote and detox in all the paper..well now I do understand what kind of human I am..a pathetic self blamed person..omg..Love A for this paper

Marketing - another reading understand and common sense paper ...make sure you remember all the terms if not you will be staring at Part A of the paper...but I love my lecturer on this paper and it makes the subject interesting and the way she guided us the whole semester via conferences (ym) give a booze to our spirit as a epjj students...will always love her...ang got A minus for this paper too

BEL 482 - well this paper - and the people in it I will remember and will make sure it will not happen in future. I love Puan Noraini and that it..and that is all I want to remember about this paper....Luckily I got A too.

that it..well followers...if you want to have more information on the rest of the paper..well I have stop uploading the information.

The current semester will be for

Corporate PR, Government PR, Persuasive Communication, Ethnic Relations and Arabic Language...see you all soon on these papers.

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