Sunday, November 15, 2009

After the term has ended

Ethnic Relations

I no more on assimilations, acculturation, accomodation, races, ethnik, and best of all the constitutions, what is special about the constitutions, where our grandfathers has sat and came up with the law, we need to abide or fights for changes, see which one can come first.

Pluralisation in Malaysia was a forced situation but see we ended up better than the west. We asian need to understand to work together, your beliefs is yours your cultures is yours but whenever we can fit and work together, it is best for our grandchildren.

I hope to work with Dr Huzaimah on all her ngo efforts.

Government Public Relations

We are not far from the west, we are good. We are Malaysian, semua pun boleh. Prof Hamdan, your books, I do not understand when you said you are too open, and yes after reading your books, I now understand. But history must be told Sir and i agree with you 100 per cent. Thank you Dr Amarjit.

Corporate Public Relations

Started so smooth ended up with a war...OH MY ! Encik Rosli, you must have not predicted to end the semester like this. Nobody is. Worst, I got a bunch of enemies.


I wish i am given a second chance. Puan Haslita, I can do better, I am.

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