Saturday, March 10, 2012

what is the most difficult paper in the whole mc222

(Mass communication)

1) none... received 20 A( A+, A and A-) from the total of 38 paper..

2) the worst results it was the language...I could never memorise sharply (Arabic)

3) the best result was Councelling paper - i love councelling..(Alhamdulillah)

total ....3.63 (enough for me)...when I really wish it could be 3.7...not far right from my target...(if I have focused more on the language) ? nope..actually I focused a 4 credits paper when I am taking the language paper 2 credits. It end up I got A for the 4 credits paper and a C+ for language. The right decision that I took end me with a gpa of 3.56 for that semester.

you should think carefully too in which paper you can master and with hight credits and less focus on the more difficult paper that you cant master...that will take your time..since this is done in epjj terms. Where you are a mother, a employee, a student and a wife....

I am content.

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