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2 of 4 - Writing for Public Relations

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This writing-intensive course includes components of knowledge and skills. You will learn about organizations, publics, the media and how to prepare public relations messages for print and electronic media.

Course Objectives:

You will learn how to adapt messages for various media (e.g., news releases, copy for employee publications, position papers, direct mail, video scripts, speeches and Web sites).

You will consider your audience and associated motivational factors, as well as the technical requirements of the medium. You will also become familiar with and use commercial media lists.

Knowledge components. You will learn to:
Explain how writer's purpose, intended public and requirements of the medium affect style and content.

Recognize potential problems and apply solutions in media relations.

Recognize legal and ethical problems associated with public relations writing.

Skill components. You will learn to:

Prepare news releases, with particular attention to the requirements of the sponsoring organization, the requirements of the medium, and journalistic standards.

Adapt written material for use in newsletters.

Develop questions and answers in anticipation of media interest.

Write and orally deliver a prepared statement, then field questions from an aggressive media corps.

Research and write a speech for someone else.

Proofread and edit the work of others.

Apply the AP Stylebook guidelines to written materials.

Use commercial media directories.

Textbooks, Supplementary Materials, Hardware and Software Requirements

Required Textbooks:

Please visit the Virtual Bookstore to obtain textbook information for this course:

Supplementary Materials:
Please visit the Virtual Bookstore to obtain textbook information for this course:

Hardware Requirements:

The minimum requirements can be found at
Software Requirements:

The minimum requirements can be found at

Unit1Chapter one and two:

Public relations and the writer. Publics, channels and the role of the writer. Legal and ethical guidelines.

Unit 2

Chapter three and four:

Persuasion and communication. Steps in the persuasion process. Research for the PR writer.

Unit 3

Chapter five and six:

Style and Content, Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation. Using Associated Press style. Editing.
Simplifying the complex. Media directories, The Associated Press Stylebook and Briefing on

Media Law.

hapter seven:

Preparing memos, business letters, reports and proposals. Use of e-mail and proper


Chapter eight:

Backgrounders and position papers. Advocating a point of view.


Chapter nine and ten:

News releases. Form, style and types of releases; news for broadcasting.


Chapter 11 and 12:

Creating messages for broadcast media. Public service announcements, releases and video news releases.

Unit8Chapter 13:

Writing advertising copy. Message appeal and positioning. Direct response and sales promotions.

Unit 9

Chapter 14: Writing for Web sites and e-newsletters. Developing an organizational Web site.

Creating an online area for journalists.

Unit10Chapter 15:

Components of campaign writing and media kits. Speeches, presentations and proclamations.

Unit 11Chapter 16: Speeches, presentations and proclamations.

Unit12Chapter 17: Newsletters, brochures and annual reports.

Unit13Chapter 18: Brochures

Unit14Chapter19: Magazines and Annual reports.

Unit15Chapter 20: Crisis Communications

(some of the chapters it looks likes we have cover in the past semester)..maybe this round we are going in depth.

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