Wednesday, December 24, 2008

40 studies That Changed Psychology

Another book that I borrowed from PNM, this attracts me more, during this public holiday where all the children has dispersed into thin air, i have the time in reading. What a wonderful day.

Unfortunately my neighbour (Hindu's family) is doing their prayer. It meant, plenty of loud music (the sound from the two tablas that caused my heart, mind and soul pounding) than i decided to insert this posting in the blog.

About the book - Written by Roger R Hock, reprinted since 1992, old research eh.. Pearson Education, New Jersey, but the topic that it is covering, faboulous, marvellous...

some of the chapters..

One brain or two
More experience = bigger brain
Are you a Natural
Watch Out for the Visual Cliff...

and that is Part 1 of 10.

and if I have the inspirations, generosity ...I will share what I had found in this book. Until later.

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