Thursday, January 15, 2009

Marketing Communications

Since we need to have 12 credit hours to enable us to get the Dean's certificate, with heavy heart I decided to changed my plan of study.

I have dropped CTU 553 and replaced to Marketing in Communications - Com 463. Since yesterday, I did not managed to get into Iclass so I decided to call Puan. I managed to speak to Puan and informed my problems and proceeded to give a call to the SMB (after advised by Puan). After the staff-in-charged informed me that I will be able to view the Marketing on line I am relieved.

Yes, at last I managed to go into Iclass and went through the contents. It looks like, I have to really pull my socks this Semester. 4 Subject and all of them is tough. Very tough, a lot of reading and assignments.

My oh My....oh gosh be ghost..Let's gone...

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