Thursday, January 15, 2009

Writing For Public Relations

....I think I have a problem...I will not be ease if the stuff is not complete. I do not have my book, and I will probably will have it next month...I am shaking all over thinking about this matter.

the topic given..and we have to write at least 2 pages and email it to our lecturer...i tremble to think that we have a balance of 7 days to do it and there is no reference whatsoever to start with..

slowly..I read the topic again and gain some confidence...he has reviewed this chapter quite clearly that day..and is a repetition (sort of)..that this assigment is a revision of our last semester...yeah..I have the book..

wow ..i felt so much better...

and the topic is clearly and very transparent on what we are referring to the subject itself..

yes guys come on...

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