Thursday, January 8, 2009


Reading the syllabus on Psychology printed from iclass today, gave me an overview on what we are learning for this semester. ...cruising around the pages ....

At the moment the attempt is at the content only (betul tau I bukan ada masa sangat). Basically we did had some basic information on this subject.

We did discussed earlier some topics in Sosiology. It looks like we are going in-depth on human personality (seronoknya). Looking at the project paper, there is a similiarity in our Sosio project paper too.

Based on the summary on the chapter that we are going through there is a similiar objective on the research that we have done in Semester 2. (Literature Review). At least, now I will get the opportunity to improve my paper compared to last semester (menyedihkan). 8 marks upon fifteen (did not fit with my ego).

I will stop for now and it will be continued soon - promise...tau

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