Sunday, January 11, 2009

Minutes of Meetings

Today is the first seminar on Bel 482.

Since there is no posting at all on this topic so I will be updating this subject first compared to others.

After all the discussions these are the main points that we needed to remember, memorize, understand, chew it, blender it we must remember these 10 items whatsoever amnesia that is going to hit us.

1. Chairman's address
2. Apology of Absent
3. Minutes of last meeting
4. Matters of arising out of the last meeting
5. Reports
6. Correpondence
7. Special Business
8. Any other Business
9. Date/time/venue of the next meeting
10. Close
_________________ oooo______________________

Def. of Meetings - a group of people meet to discuss , number of people is more than 2,

Formal meetings - It is a planned ahead, all committees need to be informed (email, faxed, memos but not verbal). It is a legal documents and accepted in courts and it needed to be stated in hardcopy to be an evidence if need be.


Markings - for this paper

1 - Meetings 1 (mock meetings ) - seminar 3 - 20 %
2 - Meetings (presentation with a group of 7) - seminar 4 - 40%
3. Meetings - Minutes of meetings (exam) final seminar 5 - 30%
4. Participation on line - 10%

Grand total 100%

Some terms to be used in the writing of minutes (make sure it is being applied)

quorom - enough number of people to start a meeting (sometimes determine by their agreement)
propose - suggestions
proposal - suggested ideas
seconded - agreeing the proposed idea
adjourn - meeting ended
shelf the proposal (postponed the proposal to next meeting
cast vote - only will be needed if there is equal vote. Chairman will decide and that is called cast vote.
carried out - after the meeting has accepted the proposal the proposal will be carried out
unanimously accepted (sebulat suara) - one voice
abstain - do not vote at all (duduk atas pagar)

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